Shubh Nori Nem

Some facts about Nori Nem

  • The Noli Nom Vrat is also known as Nori-Naum/Nori-Nem Vrat       
  • This vrat is observed in the month of Shravan on the ninth day (Navmi) of the bright fortnight (Shukla Paksha).
  • Nori Nem Vrat is observed by couples who want to have children in the hopes that they are blessed with a child. 
  • On the Nori Nem , the husband and wife fast from morning to evening.  At night they take food together.  The Vrat is continued annually on the same day till the couple gets a child.
  • Women observe this vrat for the welfare of their children.
  • Nori is taken from the word Nevla or Mongoose and Nem means Navam or Ninth.

What’s eaten on this day:

  • Vadoo & nine different kind of beans
  • Rotla made from Juwar flour or Arad flour


There was a poor Brahmin.  His wife was full of faith and devotion displaying losts of spirituality .  she had unswerving faith in the gods and goddesses.  She had become a mother and loved her infant child more than her own life.  She used to observe the Vrat of Nori- Nem with full devotion.

One day her infant child was sleeping in the cot.  She went to the village well to fetch water for her house.  Her husband had gone to the temple.  Thus her infant was left alone in the house.  Just then a black snake slowly descended from the roof of the house and climbed upon the cot.  The infant in the cot was awake with an innocent smile on the face.  The snake kept staring at the infant and then raised its hood in preparation for striking the infant.

Within a fraction of a second, before the fangs of the snake can deliver its deadly poison to the infant’s feet, a mongoose caught hold of the snake and removed it from the cot.

Just then the infant’s mother returned to the house.  She saw the mongoose and the snake and immediately realized what had happened.  Her vrat of Nori-Nem  was rewarded.  Devata had come as a mongoose to save the life of her child.