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Member Alert
Dear Members,
We are delighted to inform our members of the new updated Sad Demise Broadcast Process.  Immediately effective January 1st, 2021 our Sad Demise broadcast benefit for our paid members will be easily available to upload via our website. 
You will need your User ID and Login information which you can easily acquire by hitting the "forgot password" icon or emailing a request directly at
Furthermore, below are the following stipulations when uploading the Sad Demise Broadcast as follows:
1.  Please note that before submitting the completed Sad Demise Broadcast the member must preview the information before submissions can be made. 
2.  LPS of USA will not be responsible for any spelling, grammatical, timing, date, etc issues as prior to submission you will have a chance to preview your entries. LPS of USA will submit all broadcasts as entered by members.
3.  All Sad Demise Broadcast submissions will have upto a minimum 48 hours from time it has been submitted via the online process before LPS of the USA may send it to the membership.
4.  You may upload a picture with the Broadcast request. (JPG format is recommended)
Moving forward, LPS of USA will no longer accept any Sad Demise Broadcast request via email or phone call as we will direct all members request to use the new process via our website as stated above. It will be user friendly for any member of the family to use for submissionWe hope that this new streamline process is helpful in broadcasting all future Sad Demise Broadcasts and provides a one channel process with ease and efficiency. 
If any questions or further help is needed please feel free to contact us at .
Click here for step by step instructions document