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Sad News : Nov 06, 2018
Thakorbhai Chottubhai Patel


Jai Shree Krishna!
It is with humbling heart and sadness that we announce the passing of Thakorbhai Chhotubhai (T. C.) Patel - Soyani, on November 06, 2018. He was born on August 1, 1919. He passed peacefully surrounded by loving family and close friends at their residence in Fairfax, Virginia USA.
He is survived by Son Rajnikant Patel and Daughter in Law Bhartiben Patel. He also survived by daughters Shantaben, Kusumben, Shushilaben, Urmilaben, and Bhavnaben.  He is also survived by Balubhai Chhotubhai Patel. He leaves behind an army of 14 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren and 3 great great grand children all over the USA!  
Thakorbhai spent his long life in India, Middle East, UK and USA. He was a proud business and family man who sought a better life for his family.  He was well respected with many friends and admirers in the community.  We will miss his quiet, calm demeanor, contagious smile, and unconditional love.  May his soul Rest In Peace.  
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Raj Patel - 571-232-9048
Champakbhai Patel - 703-585-4171 
Sad News : Nov 01, 2018
Rameshbhai Ambubhai Patel (Gaam: Segva)

Jai Shree Krishna,

Gone But Never Forgotten

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of beloved Rameshbhai Ambubhai Patel (Segva), He is survived by wife Kokilaben Rameshbhai Patel and daughters Alpa, Keyuri, Nisha Patel, and son Sujan Patel.


His life was full of endless love, continuous laughter, Needless to say, he was strong, spirited, and had an incredible ability to keep his family together. As he passed peacefully, he was surrounded by his loved ones just like he had hoped for. His contagious laugh and endless wisdom will echo in hearts forever.




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