Scholarship Foundation Board

One of the hidden gems of LPS of USA is a non-profit organization, being the Leuva Patidar Samaj Scholarship Foundation. The LPS Scholarship Foundation has awarded over $250,000 to qualified applicants since 2001 and over $118,000 within the past 3 years. This scholarship not only encourages LPS youth to attend college, but also to excel in college. It is no secret that the Leuva community firmly believes education is a huge part of success; therefore, the LPS Scholarship Foundation backs this belief, by awarding qualified LPS youth. For the current school year, 2016-2017, the scholarship has awarded $38,000 to sixteen recipients. We want more parents & students alike to know about this wonderful opportunity. In addition, we would like to encourage members to buy LPS of USA lottery tickets, for a great cause, 40% of the raffle’s profit will go to the scholarship foundation.

The LPS Scholarship Foundation Board:

 President: Dahyabhai Patel: 615-260-8572

 Bharat Patel: 916-718-1074

 Samir Patel: 832-567-8484

 Sunil Patel: 615-479-0581

 Nagindash Patel: 404-642-1611

 Treasurer: Suraj Patel: 678-596-6515

 Sanjay Patel: 615-504-9006

 Harshad Patel: 562-716-6615

 Deepak Patel: 912-655-8842


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